Founded with the American farmer in mind.


As part of the first phase of the Virginia Energy Efficiency Pilot Program, Exact Energy Inc., a Technical Service Provider (TSP) for NRCS, was founded in 2010 by Josh Ludgate in the rural town of Farmville, Virginia. Josh had a vision of creating a company to help farmers become more energy efficient in order to increase productivity, help conserve natural resources, and, most importantly, save money. 

Exact Energy has been highly successful in helping farmers save thousands of dollars each year, some as much as $60,000 annually, and continues to expand into new states and territories. Driven by a solid business approach and a mission to help the agricultural community, Exact Energy has more than doubled it's capacity and workload each year, and is rapidly becoming one of the most trusted companies in energy auditing. In October 2013, the company was featured in Cooperative Living Magazine.

As our company continues to expand all over the nation, we will continue to find new opportunities to help America's farmers.

Meet some of Our team

Our Mission

​Exact Energy's mission has always been to promote the success of the American Farmer in three distinct ways.

1. Productivity.

We provide the best and most accurate audits possible in order to help farmers increase productivity on their farms.

2. Saving Money.

We help farmers find ways to save money each year through increasing their energy efficiency.

3. Conserving Natural Resources.

We are committed to helping conserve our natural resources through a more efficient farm, thereby letting farmers continue their work for generations to come. 

About Us


Josh Ludgate, P.E.M.

Josh received his PEM from North Carolina State University in 2010 and founded Exact Energy the same year. He has over 6 years of auditing experience, and wrote the first Tobacco energy audit for the NRCS/USDA in 2012.

Chad Chenier

Chad joined Exact Energy in 2012.

Founded in Virginia.

Guy Burnett, Ph.D.

Guy received his MA in Public Administration in 2007 and his PhD in Public Law in 2013. He joined Exact Energy in 2014 as General Manager.